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An MBA degree is not a professional degree like Law or Medicine.
There is no MBA competency exit exam
Every year 4,000 + universities in the U.S. graduate over 155,000 MBA students. Another 1,000,000 + students are enrolled, at any given time, in a variety of MBA programs.
With such a proliferation of MBA programs differing by focus, rigor, and duration, employers do not have a good way to discern the actual level of competencies and future on-the-job performance amongst prospective employees.
Hence, the "brand" and "reputation" of graduating universities are used as a proxy for pre-determining the professional competence of job applicants. This is a "safe" but imperfect yardstick. Is this fair? Does this benefit students and employers? Of course not.
This selection process often leaves excellent and very capable students from lesser known schools bypassed by prospective employers in favor of candidates from more established and known universities.
As a result, many capable MBA graduates question the value of their education and see it being further commoditized and devalued.
Leveling the MBA employment field is the singular focus of Regents Park Institute !!!
Our comprehensive, cross-functional certification programs aims at closing this gap and, in doing so, helps to equalize the employment opportunities for all MBA students. 
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