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RPI's Perspective

For many career minded professionals, earning an business degree, especially a MBA degree, is considered to be a ticket to a successful career. This is just a myth. A degree in itself has not been, and will never, be a proxy for competence.


What truly matters is ones cross-functional operating competencies, and abilities to manage in absence of perfect information.

This is not the focus of business schools that we know of. Instead, students are provided with a widely dispersed and disconnected theoretical knowledge of no practical value.

      This in itself does not prepare students to

            effectively operate a business.


In the absence of more reliable employment selection tools, the brand of a graduating institution is often used as a proxy for competence. This leaves behind many better qualified students, especially those from lesser known schools.

There is a need to equalize employment opportunities for all MBA students by

enabling a true, competence based differentiation. 










Our Charter

RPI's aim is to help qualified business students to enhance their employment opportunities by  enabling them to earn a: 



Certificate of Cross-functional Competencies

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