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Since, individual organizations cannot alone do anything about their external circumstances such as Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, or Legal their focus should be on its internal resources; human, intellectual, and financial and how these resources are deployed and how they interact with each other. 
Managerial Competence is the Key !!!
In most companies, the short term functional silo mentality is a norm. This will not change until there is a common understanding that these functional silos have to be replaced by a cross functional, integrated value adding processes. 
                                                Easy to say but much harder to do that.
All organization are dynamic systems consisting of a variety of interconnected processes that, in theory, should be aligned to accomplishing one overarching objective. Yet, they are not. 
That requires a different skill, competence, and a mindset.
Since there is no single business school in the U.S., that we know of, that prepares its students to have cross functional know how, RPI steps in to fill this gap. 
Our practice starts where the formal business education stops.
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