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The Power of  Competency in

Cross-functional Integrated Thinking


The cross-functional integrated thinking is a competency that can be learned.

It enables better decision making.

Better decisions create more value, bad decisions destroy it.

 The cross-functional integrated thinking is the key to:

  • Understanding that organizations are dynamic, not static.


  • They are systems of interconnected elements that have to have a certain level of accumulated values to perform well.

  • Understanding that analysis just take systems apart and focus on those discrete elements.. Just like a broken mirror, when put together, will never again show a clear reflection.

  • Learning how the elements within the systems inter-relate with each other and with the system.

  • Continually validating assumptions, axioms,data points, and sources.

  • Considering, in addition to the short-term, long term costs and benefits of externalities that are being created.

  • Augmenting analysis with synthesis and then optimizing the outcomes.


  • Embracing the concept of learning organization.

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