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Cross functional Competency Test



Process Overview

1.  Study the Prep Guide


CFCT Prep Guide is a set of comprehensive, interactive, self-study learning modules,  especially designed for students who are preparing to take the Cross Functional Competency Test.


It consists of two sets of Learning Modules: Core and Cross functional

The Core Modules are designed to build the necessary functional knowledge on which the Cross-functional Modules can be overlaid.

To review and order the Prep Guide Click Here

2. Test-registering and Taking

When ready, students should register for the competence test. The test consists of ten comprehensive cross functional scenarios (microcases), especially designed to test students' abilities to arrive at the optimum solutions using  tools and methodologies found in RPI's Prep Guide.  Each student will be issued a unique token that will open their test for a 72 hour period. The test has to be completed within this time interval. After that time, access to the test and the token will expire. 


To register for the test Click Here

3. Certification and Alumni Database

Upon successful completion of the test, a Certificate of Completion will issued to a student and the corresponding records will be included in the Alumni Database. RPI, based on an authorization provided by a student, will provide prospective employers with a comprehensive overview of the test, its content, and cross functional competencies that were tested. RPI will also provide verification that the student has passed the test.

The test can be repeated as many time as needed. A separate registration will be required.


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